Bookmark Search Extension for Chrome

I had a problem with my always growing bookmark stack in Chrome and found that basic Bookmark Manager wasn't the best for quickly searching through my bookmarks. So I created a Holmes.

With Holmes you can search bookmarks in your Chrome's omnibox(url bar) or Holmes own UI(keyboard shortcut Alt+Shift+H)

How to use Holmes? Pro tips ahead!

Omnibox 'Watson' search

Open a new tab. Type asterisk(*) to url bar and press tab.

Omnibox search starts when * + tab is pressed

Type 'bacon' to search your own juicy bacon bookmarks.

Omnibox search in usage

Searching with Holmes own UI

Press keyboard shortcut Alt + Shift + H or click
Holmes logo in menubar.

Simple shortcut Alt + Shift + H or press Holmes logo

Few to go

  1. If you're using Holmes UI you can pin tab by pressing Shift + Enter
  2. Holmes automagically removes bookmarklets from search
  3. Holmes UI shows 10 newest matched results
  4. Omnibox shows 6 newest matched results

Want your own shortcut?

  1. Go to Chrome menu > Tools > Extensions
  2. Scroll all the way down
  3. Click "Keyboard shortcuts" link and add your own shortcut. Nice!

Thank you for reading! Now is time to search bookmarks! Go on!